Exclusively from ARAUCO, fire-rated, thermally fused laminate available in a variety of woodgrain, print and solid designs on your choice of fire-rated particleboard or MDF substrates. Our nationally recognized fire-rated panels are classified by Underwriters Laboratories for surface burning characteristics using the UL 723 Test Method or CAN/ULC-S102 Test method. ARAUCO FR panels are retardant throughout, stay classified after cutting and have a wide range of sizes available. For Specifications, please refer to the documentation for your chosen FR substrate after clicking the Product Specifications link below.

Visit the Certifications section of the Underwriters Laboratories website, www.ul.com, for certificate numbers and additional information.

Flame Spread Index Smoke Development
TFL test results for Particleboard 10 US
15 Canada
80 US
115 Canada
TFL test results for MDF 10 US 195 US

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