Here you will find a list of our inactive designs. When paper runs out of these designs it will not be reordered.
Please contact your Prism sales or A&D representative to confirm availability.
See the Inactive Prism Designs Notice (April 2018)
WF105 Java Glow
WF227 Zhu
WF306 Royal Cherry (Only 4' available)
WF342 Noce Secchia
WF391 Tobacco Groovz
WF395 Coffee Groovz
WF290 Autumn Wave
WF297 En Vogue
WF407 Weathered Vane
WF406 Noce Como
WF408 Haystack
WF409 Ranch Gate
WF298 Cosmo (Only 4' available)
SF235 Seagrove Grey
WF107 Persian Cherry
WF207 Orissa Cherry
WF341 Soprano
WF291 Desert Wave (Only 4' available)
WF295 Cocoa Bliss
WF417 Icy Mherge
WF418 Bark Mherge
WF419 Cinder Mherge
WF420 Slate Mherge
WF422 Studio Reclamation Maple
SF240 Fossil Accentz
SF241 Sienna Accentz
SF242 Umbra Accentz